The Capuchin Crypt

Neuer Markt / entrance Capuchin Cryp
duration 2 - 2.5 hours

Death makes us all equal – the history of the Imperial Crypt



  • time of start can be booked individually
  • duration: between 2 and 2.5 hours
  • price on request
  • last possible time to start a tour is 3p.m.

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  • descend to the last resting places of Emperors and Empresses
  • experience an eerily beautiful atmosphere
  • hear the tragic stories of the deceased


In the middle of Vienna, quite unremarkable at the Neuer Markt, there is the church of the Capuchin Order. And hidden right beneath the church there is the famous Capuchin Crypt, the royal burial place of the House of Habsburg.
By now 149 people found their last resting place in the crypt. Among them are not less than twelve emperors and 19 empresses. At no other place you get closer to the personalities of the House of Habsburg. Learn more about the life and death of some of the most important family members and realize, what death meant for the Habsburg family even during their lifetime.
The lavishly designed sarcophagi reflect four centuries of Austrian and European history. Over the centuries the crypt was extended numerous times and only the best artists of their time were engaged in order to design the various sections.

Join me on a journey through time and hear about the life and death of such famous personalities as Maria Theresia, Emperor Joseph II., Empress Sisi and crown prince Rudolf. But also learn how it was made possible for a person of protestant faith to be buried in the crypt. You get to hear some interesting histories and a lot more on this tour.


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    Neuer Markt / entrance Capuchin Cryp

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    Neuer Markt / entrance Capuchin Cryp

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