Legal Information

Terms of Service

The contract concerning the conduct of a tour / guided tour including ancillary services shall be concluded under the following conditions:

1. Validity
These terms and conditions become valid if this has been agreed in detail between the contracting parties.

2. Fees
If no proprietary or non-conflicting regulation has been established, local management is deemed to be agreed upon at a customary rate. In Vienna and / or for Viennese tour guides, the fee charged by the Viennese tour operators in the course of their survey, which is usually charged by Vienna tour guides, is considered to be a regular fee.

3. Travel assistance
Travel management activities of a tour guide (§ 126 (4) GewO), in particular transfers, must be treated as guided tours.

4. Subsequent allocation
The client is requested to separately charge the customer the work contract fee for the services of the tour operator (guide auditor) and a possible booking fee for arranging the tour operator’s services.

5. Cancellation
The client has to pay the tour operator no cancellation fee if the cancellation is made in writing at the latest 14 days (at the tour guide) prior to the tour date. If the client is canceled between 14 and 3 days before the agreed management date, half of the agreed management fee shall be paid as a cancellation fee. If the client is canceled less than 3 days before the agreed date, the full agreed remuneration shall be paid. Cancellation date and agreed guide day count for the calculation of the time limit. The cancellation fees mentioned here are flat-rate penalty amounts, which must be paid independently of the fault or damage incurred. The cancellation fee is to be paid separately for each individual canceled tour.

6. Waiting times
In case of delay, the tour guide is required to wait 1 hour at the agreed meeting point for the customer. The customer undertakes to wait 15 minutes for the tour guide. The waiting time is entered into the management period.

7. Prevention
The tour guide undertakes, in case of an unavoidable prevention, to provide a technically equivalent authorized substitute. The client is to be informed as much as possible about this.

8. Terms of payment
Payments are made cash after delivery or immediately after deduction is deducted. For payment by check, up to EUR 13, – bank charges can be charged. Program settings are billed separately. The default interest is 1% per month (12% per year).

9. Other
It is forbidden for the tour guide to advise the guests of the client to direct their orders directly to him. If this is not explicitly excluded in writing, he or she may, on the part of the tour operator or travel agent, not provide any other program, offer walking tours to the guests following the guided tour. Sound and film recordings during the guided tours are prohibited!