The Central Cemetary at night

Central Cemetary 2nd gate

A tour that will give you the creeps

Tour Information


  • exclusive guided tour at the Central Cemetary at night of Friedhöfe Wien in cooperation with GabiTours
  • duration: 2 hours
  • language: english
  • price: EUR 42,- per person, reduced price EUR 32,- (discount applies to participants who are unter 19 years old or over 65 years old on the day of the tour or people who have a disability pass)
  • maximum number of participants: 30 people
  • minumum age of participation: 14 years
  • Dates: no dates currently available
  • If you are interested in an exclusive tour at the Central Cemetary at night, please contact us via email.

Are you interested?


  • Discover the central cemetery as hardly a living person knows it
  • Learn scary stories in the dead of night
  • Experience a unique thrill during a guided tour at night at the Central Cemetary


During the day, the gates of the Central Cemetery are open to everyone. But at night not everyone is allowed inside. You will see one of the largest cemeteries in Europe with different eyes.

Not only will you get goose bumps because of the low temperatures of autum. In addition to the genesis of the Central Cemetery, you will also hear scary information about the funeral arrangements of alleged revenants. Or how a devastating fire catastrophe in Vienna contributed to the emergence of forensic medicine. We will also deal with modern grave robbers. Some stories will certainly raise your hackles.

Experience a thrill by walking through the Central Cemetery at night and hear stories about bodies of famous people buried here and skulls that should be buried here, but aren’t.


  • 1

    Meeting Point

    Central Cemetary 2nd Gate

  • 2

    The old anatomy graves – how do you keep revenants in their graves?

  • 3

    The Old Arcades – what happens during exhumations?

  • 4

    Graves of honour – who is buried here without his head?

  • 5

    End of tour

    Central Cemetary 2nd gate

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